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Privacy & Legal

1. Personal Information

Personal information is only collected on for the following specific purposes:

  • a name and a billing/shipping address so we can send your purchase statement and purchase to the address of your choice.
  • an e-mail address is required for communicating with you, questions and comments about your order.
  • a phone number as a means of contacting you in case your e-mail address is misspelled in the registration information.

We respect your privacy and only request information necessary for providing good Customer Service. If we are missing any registration information, we cannot serve you as efficiently as preferred. Your information is stored in a protected database that only our company can access.

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2. Privacy Policy

Our commitment to you:

  •  we never share your profile information with, or sell it to other companies or organizations.
  •   we do not collect any information from you without your knowledge.

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3. Security

Our commitment to you:

  • all credit card transactions are securely encrypted
  • we do not store you credit card information as it is only used to complete the bank transaction – once completed the information is removed
  • when you place an order, the bank will authorize the total amount to be charged on your credit card. Any adjustments on the price of your order will be made at this time. The final cost of your purchase will never exceed the amount initially authorized by you and your bank.

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4. Problems, Suggestions, Questions?

If you have any problems with your order, or this website, please tell us about it.


Telephone: 0800 081 1942
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